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If my artwork also stands out wel on fabric, I sometimes convert my artwork to be printed on fabric. T-shirts, hoodies, kids clothes etc...I leave the printing to RedBubble, they do a fantastic job of printing any kind of fabric. Printing on front or back. What fun it is to wear my exclusive and happy art in public. Put a smile on people's faces, and distinguish yourself from the masses.


Kids clothes, also do very well as a gift for a loved one. How special is that, an artistic t-shirt or hoody with your favourite artist's work on it. All clothes are of outstanding quality!

horse girly t-shirt Colour me beautiful

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The above t-shirts, hoodies and more can be ordered through my Redbubble profile. You can choose from t-shirts and hoodies in men, women and children models with an exclusive art print of Go van Kampen. All clothing is of high quality and durable produced using the latest printing techniques for clothing.


art t-shirt lassie Art T-shirt lovely in colour Art hoody black and white beauty Art kids t-shirt rabbit Jon Art one-piece short sleeve Grow Art romper long sleeve grow

Some examples of various models and sizes from my Art t-shirts collection.

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Simply press the redbubble button above, to buy one of my Art Clothes or to just continue shopping in this webshop. You can pay here securely by Paypal or credit card. Delivery of ordered products is between 5 and 10 days.

For further detailed information about the Art clothing from RedBubble I refer to the clothing information page of RedBubble. Here you can find out everything about used materials, size fits, sizing charts etc...





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Horse (Equus caballus)

Symbol of strength, vitality, pride and intelligence.


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