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My Art

In my artwork, I use a lot of color and experiment with a lot of different techniques, including digital painting techniques. Often my stylus becomes my brush. Still I also paint in oil, acrylic and watercolor.

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My Art Galleries

Horse Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Cat Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Dog Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Wildlife Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Portrait Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Tree Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Nature Art Gallery by Go van Kampen Miscellaneous Digital Art Gallery by Go van Kampen

Horse Art

Horse Art Gallery by Go van Kampen Horses have always been my first and foremost subject of choice. I love their gracefulness and elegance, and yet they can be so strong and proud. This animal is truely amazing, sensitive and spiritual. In my work I always try to capture a reflection of the spirit or soul of the horse. Mostly I do this by zooming in on very characteristic features of a horse, that being an horses eye or its nose or an ear.

Cat Art

Cat Art Gallery by Go van Kampen I have two cats in my home at the moment. They are quite the pair. They come from separate nests, but were both mistreated and abandonned, and taken on by the pet asylum. The cat I had before them "Garfield", died unexpectedly at an early age (1 year old). I had to identify him at the pet asylum, and so I did together with my two sons and their friend. You can guess what happened next, we came across all the locked in asylum pets and there they were. Both in one cage, hurled up together, with a text written on the cage door: "These two cats have found each other here in the asylum. They are soulmates, and may not be seperated." Of course we could not leave them in the Asylum, so from than on we had two cats Sam and Lisa.

Dog Art

Dog Art Gallery by Go van Kampen Cats like dogs also are my favorite domestic animals. I used to have a dog when I was a child, and we were true comrades. We were inseperable and invincible. The true love and loyalty you get from a dog, nomatter what is unheard of. There are moments in Life that I still miss him.

Wildlife Art

Wildlife Art Gallery by Go van Kampen With my wildlife art, just as all my other animal art, I make a statement as well. These beautiful creatures belong in the wild, and they deserve to live freely in the wild habitat. We as humans must take our responsibility, and try to protect them and to honor them.

Portrait Art

Portrait Art Gallery by Go van Kampen I do not only paint animals, Once in a while I also stumble on such an interesting individual, I cannot keep myself from portraying this person. Just like with the animals I paint, I also try to capture some reflection of the soul of that person in my portraits. Mostly it will be very free portraits, of people who inspire me or who have inspired the world around themselves in some way.

Tree Art

Tree Art Gallery by Go van Kampen My tree art is quit a mixture of styles, and it is probably nearest to abstract works of art, if you try to categorize my work. Sometimes I use Affirmations in my Tree Art, Life Affirmations. Things we know to be true, but tend to forget all so often.

Nature Art

Nature Art Gallery by Go van KampenNature Art, like tree art, is also a wild mix of styles and cannot be put in one corner of the art. It are mostly works of art, of places in nature that inspire me or give me a very good vibe. This Vibe I try to recreate on my canvas, whether that be a normal canvas or a digital work of art. We must not loose our connection to nature, else all is lost.

Digital Art

Miscellaneous Digital Art Gallery by Go van KampenA great variety of Digital Artwork, with a strong emphasis on free expression. I confine myself no longer to one topic or idea, but basically everything is possible here. Very diverse and a feast for the eye and the heart.





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Horse (Equus caballus)

Symbol of strength, vitality, pride and intelligence.


Horse Art | Equine Art | Animal Art | Cat Art | Dog Art | Wildlife Art | Portrait Art | Tree Art | Nature Art | by Go van Kampen



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