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visual artist Go van Kampen
Visual Artist
Go van Kampen

Paintings by Go van Kampen

About Go

Go is mother, teacher, fashionfreak, animal lover, horse grazy, positive minded and fond of her family life. The name Go is an abbreviation of Margot van Kampen. She was educated as a fashion designer at ARTEZ the Art Academy in Arnhem. After twenty years of designing clothes and teaching, she started painting horses, animals, trees and more...

Artistic Point of View

I always look for the "spirit" of my subject. I enjoy working with lines and striking strokes. I try to say a lot with a minimum of lines and strokes. I strive for accessibility in my work. Not much mystery or a double message. I chase after a work of art looking like it was invented or created in a few minutes. I love working with all the colors, and especially indigo blue.

Digital painting and drawing

Super to work with digital drawing software, endlessly drawing lines up and deleting them again. It is truely so that Digital Art is quite similar to conventional methods of Art. The start page is just as white as a blank canvas. Without knowledge of painting and drawing, you will not succeed with this software. Illustrator artworks can be printed with stunning sharpness and as high as houses. You can decide yourselves on what material to print my work, in my various art webshops.


Artists (and Life Artists) that I find inspiring include, Jeff Koons, Robert Joyner, Picasso, Louise Hay, Asimov, Cristo.

Horses, Animals and Trees.

Horses are my subject, because I endlessly like them. I can express Life through horses.
Animals are infinitely beautiful and fun, all animals are surprising and special in my eyes.
Trees are my second love. Trees create awe in me, loosen up and tickle my fantasy. On RedBubble are some imaginative trees of my hand. They look fantastic, in large business rooms and public areas.


I love people and character portraits. Again, I try to capture the "spirit" of someone in my portraits.


I love life, life is good for me. My "spirit" is Optimism, Inspiration and Brightness.

I make both artwork on my own account and work in commission. A lot of my artwork is also available as prints on paper and reproductions on canvas, t-shirts, calanders and cards. And nowadays even on throw pillows, duvet covers, pencil skirts, leggings, mugs and all kinds of Cases and Skins for your SmartPhone...Whow! Take a look in my Webshops and see for yourself.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy my work:-)

Love Go


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Horse (Equus caballus)

Symbol of strength, vitality, pride and intelligence.


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