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www.fineartamerica.com American market place for fine artists.
www.ohmyprints.com European market place for artists.
www.dmoz.org Register DMOZ Netherlands category: Art.
www.contempo.info Gallery in Eindhoven, Rotterdam.
www.galeriemokum.com Gallery in Amsterdam.
www.barewalls.com Horse Prints at Barewalls
www.findartinfo.com Free auction prices. Signatures and monograms.
Living Room Ideas by Go van Kampen.
Waiting Room Ideas by Go van Kampen.
Kids Bedroom Ideas by Go van Kampen.
Nursery Ideas by Go van Kampen.
Art Print Ideas by Go van Kampen.
Art Iphone Cases by Go van Kampen.
Art T-Shirts by Go van Kampen.
Art Tote Bags by Go van Kampen.

Fine Art America
horse paintings horse digital art horse portrait arthorse arthorses arthorse art artfoal artfilly artbig horse artarab horse artdog artanimal artanimal art artanimal paintingsanimals artwildlife artwildlife art artwildlife paintingscolorful art

www.livingimagescjw.com Carol Walker photografy of horses.
www.annelieshoek.nl Dutch artist, mostly portraits.
www.picasso.com Everything about Picasso.
www.artsy.net The Pablo Picasso page of Artsy.net.
www.ronel.fr Traveling artist, who's work, is inspired by his travels.
www.helmantel.nl Dutch artist whom I admire for his great craftsmanship.

www.theoptimist.com Inspirational magazine.
www.ateliermagazine.nl Magazine for artists.

Art Supplies
www.petervanginkel.nl Dutch shop for artist supplies in Arnhem.
www.artsandcrafts.nl Dutch webshop for artist supplies via the internet.
www.onlineprinters.com Printing company.

About horses
www.horses.nl Everything about horses, dutch internet page.
www.dehollandschemanege.nl Riding school in the centre of Amsterdam.
www.antares-sellier.com Saddler.
www.knhs.nl Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation.

www.horsetrust.org.uk Charity for retirement of horses in the UK.


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Modern Art by Go van Kampen

Art by Go van Kampen

Modern Art by Go van Kampen

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MODERN ART by Go van Kampen


ART by Go van Kampen





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Horse (Equus caballus)

Symbol of strength, vitality, pride and intelligence.


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