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Digital Painting by Go van Kampen - Horses Together in Colour
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Modern Art & Digital Paintings
Go van Kampen

Artist Go van Kampen selfportraitGo van Kampen is a dutch modern artist. She makes stunning modern expressive art, and has a very unique style that makes her Art splash off of the wall. For most of her Horse Art and other paintings known as digitals she uses modern graphical software to paint her work. The painting techniques and methods used in a digital environment are still the same as a physical painting on canvas, only the equipment changed drastically. She also still paints horses in oil, acrylic and watercolor.

Horse Art and much more!

Horse Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Cat Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Dog Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Wildlife Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Portrait Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Tree Art Gallery by Go van Kampen  Nature Art Gallery by Go van Kampen Miscellaneous Digital Art Gallery by Go van Kampen


Under the different Galleries you can find all of her Horse Art and other artwork. Her subject of choice is mostly the Horse, but also other Animals and even People Portraits are to her liking.

She likes to zoom in on the head or other explicit details that give the work a soul.

"I like to use as much or little lines as possible, to give my artwork a very distinctive character and let it vibrate with positive energy. I strive to make it look very natural in an abstract kind of way:)"


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All of her artwork can be purchased through the following internet Art Printer portals, Fine Art America and Oh My Prints. All sort of materials are available, such as Metal Print, Canvas, Paper, and there is a wild variety of frames to choose from. You have the choiche of a great many of sizes.





Art in Commission

Art in Commission by Go van KampenYou can also approach Go van Kampen personally through e-mail and other social media for Artwork in Commission or her Original Horse Paintings on either canvas or wooden panels.

Under the menu-item Commission, the process of commissioning an Artwork by Go van Kampen is explained in full.

The commission process is divided into five simple steps, and until almost the last moment based on a no-cure-no-pay principle. This to ensure as much as possible artistic freedom for the artist Go van Kampen, and to set the opportunity for yourselves to really choose without restrictions from the heart.




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Horse (Equus caballus)

Symbol of strength, vitality, pride and intelligence.


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